We are a small team who work together closely. Although we all have our own fields of work, our creative output is always a team effort where all ideas are welcome. We believe that all type of work is equally important in creating great outcomes, from organisation to production. We also tend to like awkward puns and even though we are seriously into what we are doing, we don’t always take ourselves serious. If you think you would fit in, we are very happy to receive your application in the following categories.
Please send your application to ping(at)klingklangklong


Creative Coder (f/m/d)

We are looking for a creative coder to join our team with experience at the intersection of computer science and music. As a part of our team you would be an instrumental contributor in shaping ideas from conception to implementation, developing and researching methods, tools and concept for our artistic and commercial work. interactive projects and spatial installations. You would be working on  real-time interactive projects, spatial installations and music/sound generation through neural networks.

As our work is often explorative and our workflow varies from project to project, you will be expected to manage your time between different projects that always keep you on your toes and require experimentation.

Apart from independent work and technical skills, your artistic quality and originality are very important to us. We love people who bring their own thoughts and unique points of view to form the studio!

// Interest in new media art

// Computer science background or experience

// Full stack development knowledge (nodejs, react, mongodb)

// AI knowledge (tensorflow, keras, pytorch)

// Max/MSP knowledge (optional)

// Electronics knowledge

// Good English skills

// Please include a small portfolio of work samples with your application


// Full-time

// Permanent employment

// Start as soon as possible

If you are motivated to explore new possibilities in music facilitated by technology with a very enthusiastic, international team, we are happy to get to know you! Please apply with your work portfolio and CV!

Office Manager (f/m/d)

As an office manager you are the backbone of the studio and make sure that everything runs smoothly so everybody can do their best. It will be your responsibility to keep the finances in-check, pay bills and make sure we have contracts, invoices and paperwork sorted. It is a big advantage if you are comfortable with numbers and don’t shy away from long excel sheets!

Apart from that you would be involved with our projects on the organisational side, eventually creating offers, or assisting the managing director. You will also be in contact with clients by handling requests, the e-mail address and the phone.

Last but not least it will be also your task to maintain an overall nice atmosphere in the office and to make sure we have all we need: from staplers to the emergency cookie supply.

//  Perfect German knowledge

// Good English knowledge

// Experience in the area

// Good organisational skills

// Experience with OSX Software
(e.g. Numbers, Pages, keynote)

// Good soft skills


// Half-time / Full-time

// Permanent Employment

// Start as soon as possible

If you want to become part of a very passionate team which you’ll complete with your talent for structuring processes and care for the studio environment, please send a motivational letter and a CV!

Composer (f/m/d)

We are looking for an experienced Sound Designer / Composer with a passion for finding and creating fresh and deeply moving sound experiences beyond artistic or genre conventions.

As Sound Designer / Composer, you will join our team in designing sound for media experiences by internationally renowned studios and artists, creating unique compositions for acoustic and electronic instruments, reimagining the soundscape we live in and bringing motion graphics and visuals to life. This requires experience and skill in the classical fields of sound design (for film) as well as an open-mind for new ways of sound synthesis & programming.

In your role as Sound Designer / Composer, you will be an integral part of our cross-discipline team and naturally shape the character and style of the studio by your work.

We believe that the best sounds are made by diverse teams, and welcome applicants from all backgrounds.

// Sound Design for projects in various media: Exhibitions, virtual spaces, films, etc.

// Music Composition for traditional ensembles and electronics, in traditional & modern music genres, ranging from pop, EDM, IDM to modern avant-garde or movie scoring

// Recording

// Mixing

// Developing sound concepts for installations, brand experiences & traditional scores

// Owning & developing the studio’s vision. This includes developing the studio’s technical infrastructure

// Managing, leading and mentoring a team of artists. Providing consistent feedback and setting art goals and timelines


// 5+ years experience as Sound Designer / Composer in the media experience industry

// 2+ years experience in Sound Synthesis and Music Programming

// Basic knowledge of popular DAWs, good knowledge in Avid Pro Tools & Ableton Live

// Good organisational skills

// Deep knowledge of multiple art & music sub-disciplines


// Extreme proficiency in modern sound production techniques

// Passion for sound, art theory & modern sound history

// Experience working on media construction sites

// Experience with spatial audio

// Experience setting art directions for projects

// Experience consulting and working directly with clients

// Experience in audio programming with Pure Data, Supercollider or Max (we use Max)

// Basic Ability to read sheet music

// Ability to understand basic programming code


// Full-time

// Employment Status

// Start as soon as possible

If this sounds exciting to you, and you love to work in a creative studio with people who are passionate about their work, we are looking forward to getting to know you. Please include a portfolio of your work with your application.


Management Assistance (f/m/d)

As an intern you will work very closely with our managing director and learn about the nitty-gritty of running a company. You will be assisting him in different areas from organisational to creative tasks, including time and team-coordination and conceptual work. We will need your imagination in eventually assisting the marketing and communication team and it’s a plus if you don’t shy away from office work.

//  Doing the internship as part of a study programme

// Fluent in German and English

// Experienced in using OSX software like Pages, Numbers, Keynote

// Good organisational skills

Sound Production (f/m/d)

In your sound internship, you will be an integral part of the sound production team and get a glimpse into everything from music production to on-site implementation. As our projects are quite diverse in nature, this could mean that you are part of an orchestra recording, busy with mixing interactive music or thinking about how to produce immersive ambient sound textures.

Ideally you have some experience with several Digital Audio Workstations, producing music and designing sound for media – but equally important is that you are generally open-minded and curious about sound.

// Doing the internship as part of a study programme

// Fluent in English

// Experienced in music & sound production [also sound for media]

// general knowledge of popular DAWs [we use Pro Tools, Ableton Live & Max/MSP]

// Good organisational skills

// Passionate about everything sound-related: sound art, experimental music and current pop music etc.

// Please include a small portfolio of work samples with your application