Interactive Installation

BIG PRINTER aims to highlight and raise awareness about the increasing disempowermentconcerning the collection and storage of personal data.The installation was conceived in collaboration with schnellebuntebilder as part of the Goethe-Institut Pop Up Pavilion in Breslau in 2016.

During the installation the container became a symbol for the realm of our digital world: a supposedly transparent yet incomprehensible space in which every step and action is recorded and stored, regardless of our will.

Visitors who approached the container were immediately captured by a camera system and photographed without their consent. Each picture was then printed out and finally shredded. Even though data might get erased, it will prevail in the digital realm. It’s very immaterial and inconspicuous nature becomes physical in this interactive installation.

We created a generative composition by amplifying and modulating the noises made by the printer, which we completed with sounds of distorted human speech. The result is a cold, machine-like musical landscape, menacing yet emotionless.


Our Role
Concept, Production, Sound design, Music Composition & Production,
Scenography, Mix & Master, On-site Implementation

Comissioned by
Goethe Institut Breslau

Concept, Production, Programming