Astana Kasakhstan EXPO 2017

Sound Scenography

For the World’s EXPO 2017 in Astana (Kazakhstan) we created the sound scenography for the pavilion about future energy energies. Numerous exhibits, immersive video walls and interactive video games illustrate the generation and usage of kinetic, biomass, wind and solar energy.

Our work spans across 10.000 square-meters and four floors in „Nur Alem“, the main pavilion and landmark of the Expo 2017. A journey through diverse organic soundscapes and musical pieces helps the visitors to immerse themselves into a display of future energy sources. Since the end of EXPO 2017 the exhibition will permanently serve as a museum for sustainable energies.

Impressions of the Pavilion
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Our Role
Sound Concept, Sound Design, Composition, Mix On-Site


SEMBOL construction / National Company Expo Astana


Photos by
Andreas Keller courtesy of KUNZBERG GmbH