Light Cloud

Interactive Sound Environment

LIGHT CLOUD is a large-scale sound and light installation, created in collaboration with the agency TAMSCHICK MEDIA+SPACE. Located at the new Merck Innovation Center in Darmstadt, Germany we created the interactive and generative 3D sound environment for the installation.

The main layout and design of the Light Cloud is inspired by the various physical and emotional states of a living organism. Each audio-visual composition reflects a certain state of consciousness of this artificial being such as perception, self-awareness, awakeness, ability to act and intentionality. Depending on the various states the modes of the compositions range from passive to reactive to interactive. Thus, employees become sometimes observers, sometimes participants.

During the day the installation rearranges the sound compositions according to it’s state of mind, so that on each visit the space feels completely different. With more than 80 unique soundscapes, the visitors experience interactively a broad set of self-evolving scenarios that range from playful musical compositions up to complex sound experiments.

A smart system behind the mirrored surfaces continuously connects new correlations between the movements of the visitors and the resulting audio-visual responds. Sound, light and movement merge to an interactive canvas.


Our Role
Sound Concept, Interaction Design, Sound Design,
Music Composition & Production, Audio Supervision,
Programming, Mix & Master, On-site Implementation


Creative Direction, Concept, Design, Lead agency

Technical Planning, Implementation, Construction,
Hardware, Software, Programming

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